• Low Pressure House Washing

    • Aluminum, Vinyl, Stucco, Painted Wood, Painted Brick And All Washable Siding Surfaces. 

    • Hyquin Cleaning can renew the look of your Home with our Professional House Washing Service. Our House Washing includes all Siding, Trim, outside of Windows, and outside of Gutters (Black Streaking on Gutters may not come out). Our Technicians go out of their way to get your Home as clean as possible while using our Low Pressure Cleaning System that is safe for all Plants and Animals.

  • Roof Cleaning

    • “Why re-roof when you can restore?” Hyquin Cleaning can clean those UGLY streaks, stains, and Mildew blotches from your Roof with our Low Pressure Cleaning System. This algae infection is not only UGLY but left untreated it can further develops into Lichen or Moss deposits which embed themselves into your roof causing damage that will reduce it's life expectancy.

    • Hyquin Cleaning uses Low Pressure Cleaning methods with correct tools and cleaners to protect your Roof and Shingles from damage while restoring your Roof back to new again.

  • Tile/Brick/Concrete/ Etc Cleaning

    • Hyquin Cleaning considers several key elements when cleaning Brick and other hard flat surfaces. Selecting the right equipment, cleaners, and pressure level are very important. Also we must take in to consideration many other variables like surface hardness, landscaping, and if there is staining and not just ordinary debris buildup such as moss, algae, or mildew spots which we are attempting to remove by pressure washing. 

  • Parking Garages, Brick, Concrete, Aggregate, Rock & Stone Washing

    • Hyquin Cleaning offers low/high pressure, hot/cold water, and chemical applications for any Commercial Hard Surface. Whether its Gum Removal from a Storefront, Parking Garage Cleaning, or Brick Retaining Walls, our cleaning process restores your Hard Surface to a like new appearance.

    • Concrete is porous. Dirt and debris beds deep into the surface and makes it hard to remove. Though it is a hard surface, Pressure Washing any Surface is still a delicate process that requires the right amount of pressure so the Surface is not damaged. We go out of our way to take precautions during every job.

    • Brick is also especially prone to breaking down as a result of overexposure to the elements. Regular cleaning can extend the life and enhance the look of Brick as well. Brick Walls are vulnerable to outside elements including sun, rain, snow, mold, mildew, algae, smoke, bird droppings, sand, and dust. If these are left to sit on the surface over long periods of time they will not only make such structures old and unsightly, but they will also cause material erosion. The longer you wait, the harder it becomes to remove such debris. Low pressure chemical Washing is used to eliminate stains, salt spots, mold, mildew, dirt, wasp nests, and debris.

    • Our trained Technicians are experienced in the proper techniques to help preserve your Surfaces.​

  • Construction Cleanup

    • Hyquin Cleaning offers an extensive line of Construction Cleaning services. Every project is different and we accommodate the needs of our client accordingly.

      • Pressure washing 

      • Phase One Cleaning - Rough Clean Scope

      • Phase Two Final Cleaning Scope

      • Touch Up Cleaning

  • Kitchen Duct Cleaning

    • Our teams are well trained and highly skilled in Kitchen Duct Cleaning and kitchen extract cleaning as well as kitchen ventilation cleaning and we work to standards accepted by all major insurers.  It is imperative that your duct cleaning is carried out by professionals and that all are done at regular periods.